Compacting asphalt

Asphalt Products
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Stone Construction Equipment Inc., Honeoye, N.Y., recently introduced a new 40-in.-wide, double-drum drive, double-drum vibration asphalt roller—the WolfPac 4100. The roller is ideal for confined-area asphalt compaction of base, binder and finish coats. With an exclusive design allowing the operator to direct the vibration to both the front and the rear drums, the WP 4100 is ideal for all phases of asphalt rolling.
A specially designed electro-hydraulic circuit combined with a custom-designed manifold allows the operator to activate the vibration where needed. The 24.8-hp water-cooled Kubota diesel provides added power for professional paving contractors. At 40 in. wide with 4,000 lb of impact per drum, the roller is ideal for driveways, parking lots and a wide variety of other confined areas and paved surfaces where impact and maneuverability count. Featuring double-drum drive, internal vibration, centerpoint articulation coupled with a short wheel base and high curb and minimum wall clearance on both sides, the WP 4100 is superior in confined spaces.

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