Cold-planing newbies

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mainline cold planers

Terex Roadbuilding, Oklahoma City, has added three new utility mill models to its existing line of mainline cold planers. The new Terex CMI PR165 (Circle 905), PR220 (Circle 906) and PR330 (Circle 907) cold planers help contractors to quickly and cost-effectively tackle a wide variety of utility-milling applications including cul-de-sacs, wedge and header cuts, bridge decks and shoulder excavation.

All three new utility mills feature an efficient hydrostatic rotor drive that includes a built-in relief system, which protects drive components from severe damage should the cutter hit an obstruction. A parallelogram cutter subframe design delivers a 24-in. elevation to lower and raise the cutter in and out of the cut. All three models feature a 36-in. drum diam., which enables a 12-in. cutting depth for milling and stabilization patchwork.

The mill’s center-mount cutter design positions the full weight of the machine over the rotor, enhancing performance even in the toughest cuts. Four-wheel steering offers four steering modes—coordinated front and rear, crab, front only and rear only—to improve on-site maneuverability. A tight 8-in. inside turn radius allows for cutting around headers and manhole covers.

These mills are powered by a fuel-efficient 165-hp Tier 3- and Stage IIIA-compliant diesel engine, designed for maximum power output while generating fewer emissions. The PR165 offers a standard cutting width of 24 in., while the PR220 delivers a 30-in. milling width.


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