Coast Range Construction increases productivity

Case Studies
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Coast Range Construction, located in the southernmost end of the Alaskan Highway, specializes in setting foundations for lodges and cabins and house-site development. Ray Clapp, owner of Coast Range Construction for the past 16 years, was in search of a flexible attachment for his Hitachi excavator to give him the edge over his competitors.

Coast Range use their small dozer and other specialty equipment for grading, drainage projects and for cutting angles into slopes. They also had to move the machine several times during the day to get the exact angle to cut into a slope. When Coast Range started using the PowerTilt , they immediately saw an increase in productivity of 30%. With the attachment’s 180-degree side-to-side tilt, Coast Range can wield their Hitachi with precision cutting all the slopes and angles with one machine. They were able to eliminate the small dozer from their fleet and now transport less equipment to the jobsite.

Another benefit Coast Range receives from using the attachment is peace of mind, which comes from using a reliable and durable attachment. Over the past 10 years, Coast Range has had no maintenance issues or downtime with the attachment. Coast Range now has up to 8,000 hours on their current attachment, and it’s still going strong with no maintenance issues.

Coast Range uses the attachment for a wide variety of tasks such as sloping, grading, dock building and for drainage work. They attach standard and narrow buckets to the attachment depending on what type of project they are working on. The attachment works in tight spaces since it can be used at several different angles without having to frequently reposition the machine.

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