On the clock

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Exaktime Inc., Woodland Hills, Calif., celebrates the fact that more than 300,000 employees clocked into work today using the JobClock System. Since its release, the JobClock System has become a lead-selling time and attendance system used in the construction industry. Its simple design eliminates inaccurate, handwritten timecards.

This year, Exaktime has added a new product to its line of timekeeping tools: the PocketClock. The PocketClock tracks worker attendance on a Palm Pilot where each person clocks in and out using a personalized PIN. Because it is on a standard Palm Pilot, it is portable and travels with the crew. When a worker clocks in, they are prompted for the jobsite they are at and the cost code they are performing. At the end of a pay period, all of the records download into Exactime’s TimeSummit PC software where you can print accurate timecards and detailed reports summarized by employee, jobsite and activity. Payroll review and preparation is done in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually.

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