The CEDRA Corp.

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151 Sully's Trail, Suite 6
Pittsford, New York

The CEDRA Corporation since 1985 has been providing engineering and GIS software solutions to Municipalities, Local Government, Public Works, Assessors, Foresters and others for roadway and site engineering, cad editing, cogo, parcel (cadastral) mapping, data capture, water and sewer design-modeling-analysis. Provides software extensions to all versions ArcGIS/ArcView. Key products of use are CEDRA AVland: Road/Site Engineering, CEDRA AVcad: CAD editting tools; CEDRA AVcogo: 132+ geometric commands; CEDRA AVparcel: Parcel mapping, Deed transcriptions, customizable PIN's no limitations to number of parcels; CEDRA AVwater: Water Distribution Modeling/maintenance; CEDRA AVsand

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