Capka named new deputy

News FHWA August 05, 2002
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U.S. Transportation Secretary announced the appointment of J. Richard Capka to serve as deputy administrator for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

"Rick's experience in overseeing a major infrastructure project and his strong program and managerial skills will be great assets as we work to maintain and improve our nation's highway network for the 21st century," said Mineta.

As deputy administrator, Capka will help prepare the Bush administration's transportation reauthorization proposal, shape the management of highway mega projects across the country and develop other programs and initiatives for the FHWA.

Before assuming the FHWA post, Capka served as executive director and chief executive officer for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, where he directed oversight of the $14.5 billion Central Artery/Tunnel ("The Big Dig") project in Boston.

In managing the project, Capka worked closely with the FHWA and other federal agencies to win approval of the CA/T finance plan, providing accurate summaries of project costs and keeping lawmakers and other officials apprised of the project's schedules and progress. The CA/T's latest cost and schedule review marked the first time in the project's history in which its overall cost remained steady.

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