California firm given notice-to-proceed on Red Sea bridge

Longest suspension bridge in the world will link the Middle East to Africa for the first time

News ShareChive LLC May 11, 2007
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With pledges of land and endorsements from the presidents of Djibouti and Yemen, a Dubai-based developer has chosen Noor City Development Corp. (NCDC) to build a new bridge across the Red Sea.

On April 25, Middle East Development LLC (MED) gave a notice-to-proceed to NCDC of Napa, Calif. It authorizes NCDC, as sole agent, "to proceed with the planning, development, construction and management of the bridge between Yemen and Djibouti."

The newly created NCDC is led by Tariq Ayyad, who is the corporation's president. Ayyad also is the president of ShareChive LLC, San Francisco, a technology firm with patented software and hardware solutions for construction management. Ayyad is a construction manager, civil engineer and former bridge engineer with the California Department of Transportation.

Ayyad said MED's goal is to create stability and economic opportunities on both sides of the Red Sea by tying in the bridge to new road and rail construction hubs in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

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