Cabinet door is open

News December 05, 2000
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Republican presidential hopeful George W

Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush hasn't reached the White House yet, but there's speculation about the circle of colleagues that will be joining the Texas governor in the Oval Office.

Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, Kansas Governor Bill Graves and Representative Jennifer Dunn (R-Wash.) are leading candidates for the Secretary of Transportation job. Thomas Warne, director of the Utah Department of Transportation, Brad Mallory, Pennsylvania secretary of transportation, and David Laney, chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission, are other favorites to replace Rodney Slater.

Former Secretary of Transportation Andrew Card may be the next White House Chief of Staff. Card served as deputy chief of staff in the White House before filling the transportation secretary position for President Bush in the late 80s. He also was a member of Bush's transition team and director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs with the Reagan Administration.

Most recently, Card was president of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association and vice president for government affairs at General Motors.

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