Building roads

CMI PR600 cold planers

To effectively mill asphalt at depths reaching 14 in., a planer must have the power and weight to propel the cutter through the tough cuts. With a powerful 600-hp diesel engine and operating weights approaching 91,200 lb, the three- and four-track CMI PR600 cold planers from Terex Roadbuilding, Oklahoma City, both deliver high-production milling and rehabilitation of asphalt surfaces. The three-track design features two 13.8-in. front tracks and a single rear 18-in.-wide track for stable operation. With a 77,000-lb shipping weight, the PR 600 features a 48-in.-diam. cutter, which includes 177 tungsten carbide teeth that quickly mill asphalt at an 86-in. cutting width. The machine’s V-belt, power-band drive efficiently uses 100% of available engine horsepower to deliver maximum cutting depths and plunge cuts up to 14 in. deep, which is critical for working close to obstructions.