Building Bridges: Manitowoc’s Model 1015

Manitowoc’s Model 1015

A barge-mounted Manitowoc Model 1015 (Circle 912) duty-cycle crawler crane is creating drilled-shaft foundations on a replacement bridge project in Brunswick, Ga. The crane is working for Coastal Caisson, a specialist foundation company and subsidiary of geotechnical engineering company Bauer.

Manitowoc’s Model 1015 is one of the industry’s premium foundation and duty-cycle machines. It has a powerful 447 kW engine and is suited to a variety of applications, including:

  • Dragline work with up to 25,000-lb capacity;
  • Dynamic compaction in single or dual line of up to 27.5 t and automatic drop cycle;
  • Diaphragm wall grab work (using a two-rope or hydraulic grab) and 27.5 t free fall; and
  • Clamshell work with 40,000-lb capacity.