Brush chipping

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The Morbark Beever M6R brush chipper, previously the Clipper 6, is now equipped with a two-knife machined rotor, larger tires, 180° silo-swivel discharge and direct drive with belt power transfer.
The 6-in.-capacity rotary chipper features reduced space between the rotor and feed wheel, minimizing the space for material to lodge or turn sideways, avoiding costly starter or tension-belt repairs. The rotor design eliminates wrapping of material around the disc shaft, saving time in preparing the machine for the next job.
The 12-in-diam., two-knife machined rotor with removable drum shaft and ½-in.-thick dual-edged knives allows full knife coverage with even knife wear. Chipper knives are held in place using four Grade 8 hex-head bolts as an alternative to shoulder bolts with washers and lock nuts, reducing knife change time by 50%.

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