BRIDGES: Mobile, Ala., takes it case for a new bridge to Washington, D.C.

Proposed span would be 215 ft long and cost about $900 million

News September 16, 2014
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Officials in Mobile, Ala., need a bridge, so they are going to Washington, D.C., in an effort to fill in a major funding gap.
A new span over the Mobile River would cost about $900 million, but the Wallace tunnels, which currently carry I-10 across the bay, handle an average daily traffic count of 75,000, and were only designed to carry 55,000.
Back in 1993 the FHWA said something needed to be done to reduce the congestion, which is why Mike Lee, chairman of the I-10 Bridge coalition, is attempting to meet with politicians to once and for all move the project along.
“Of course the need has been getting worse and worse, and I think everybody is starting to be much more conscious of how much we need this bridge,” Lee told Fox 10.
The proposed cable-stayed bridge would be 215 ft long and connect I-10 at Virginia to the Bayway Bridge, which will be widened to carry more traffic.

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