Boston eludes red coat

News December 05, 2000
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The bean counters still favor Boston

The bean counters still favor Boston.

Bean Town recently received word that the Federal Highway Administration has approved a financial plan for funding of the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel project which estimates the total cost at $14 billion, with $8.5 billion coming from federal-aid funds.

U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General Kenneth Mead issued a finding stating that "the plan complies with FHWA guidance; is a reasonable cost estimate; identifies sufficient funding to meet costs; and establishes a reasonable completion schedule. The plan indicates that most of the project will be complete by December 2004.

In addition, Mead believes the state has provided for a "balanced statewide transportation program" allocating at least $400 million annually for road and bridge projects in other parts of the state.

The Central Artery will receive 71% of the state's federal aid apportionment in FY 2002.

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