Blancett's B2800 receives new product award

Blancett receives Governor's New Product Award for its B2800

News Blancett April 26, 2007
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Blancett, a division of Racine Federated Inc., received a Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers' (WSPE) Governors New Product Award (GNPA) for its innovative B2800 flow monitor. Nine companies entered 13 products in the competition with Blancett receiving first place in the medium company category. Blancett's B2800 also will compete in the 2008 National Society of Professional Engineers New Product Awards for national recognition.

New and improved products stimulate the life and growth of our country. The purpose of the GNPA program is to recognize the full spectrum of benefits that come from the research and engineering of new products. These include added employment, economic development, strengthening of the nation's competitive position internationally and contribution to the public's standard of living.

"Our Blancett B2800 fluid flow monitor was awarded Best in State by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers because of its success on many fronts. The product is a successful technical design based on effectively interpreting our customer's cost and performance requirements," said Bill Roeber, Racine Federated's vice president of engineering. "We have been successful in marketing and selling the product in a very competitive environment. Our manufacturing group has successfully met our customer's ever more demanding requirements and our after-sale support of the product has been exceptional. If any one link in this long chain was weak, the product would not have reached the level of success that it has achieved. The WSPE GNPA was not given to an individual or the engineering department; it was given to the many people at Racine Federated that have driven this product to be the contributor that it is today."

The Blancett B2800 is a technologically advanced flow monitor designed to be comprehensive, user-friendly, flexible and cost efficient. Flow monitors, such as the B2800, are integrated with turbine flow sensors that produce pulse rates that vary with flow rate. The purpose of the monitor is to evaluate the pulses from flow sensors and convert them to various engineering units of measure and create outputs that other logging instrumentation can interpret. The B2800 utilizes an ultra-low-power Texas Instruments microprocessor that manages power (both battery and current-loop) consumption very efficiently.

The product is available with two different sets of embedded code: a simplified version that permits users to configure a monitor in seven intuitive steps, and an advanced version that permits features such as linearization and compressibility factors to be utilized.

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