Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson is the editorial director of ROADS & BRIDGES magazine and has been covering the industry since 1999. He has won seven Robert F. Boger Awards for editorial excellence, including three in 2011. He also was the creator of the Top 10, Contractor's Choice Awards and Recycling Awards platforms, as well as ROADS & BRIDGES Live.

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Bill Wilson
Are you ready to blame someone for the collapse of the FIU Bridge? Check out my latest video blog by clicking here. 
As for now, enjoy the ride, but in less than two years the economy could be in distress...and the Highway Trust Fund could hit rock bottom. To see latest video blog: click here. 
The Florida DOT wants public documents on the FIU pedestrian bridge prior to the collapse blocked from the hands of the Miami Herald. The Florida newspaper wants to see emails, notes, meeting minutes on anything regarding the FIU pedestrian bridge leading up to the day it fell and killed six. A...
Christmas décor is supposed to be dangling this time of year, not an Amtrak passenger car. Yet that was the news I received this morning (Dec. 18); an Amtrak train derailed right over I-5 in Washington State, leaving a train car slumped on the interstate during the morning rush hour. At press time...
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What separates Roads & Bridges’ Top 10 Roads and Bridges lists from all others is the little guy. When I first created the list in 2000, we simply looked at the biggest projects in the U.S. and ranked them 1 through 10. The following year we thought we would allow you, the reader, to nominate...
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