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Compact excavator operators who want to backfill and grade with more precision and speed can do so with the hydraulically activated angle blade option from Bobcat Co.

The Bobcat angle blade is now available as a factory-installed option on the Bobcat 337 and 435 compact excavators, in addition to the 335 and 430 models.

The angle blade option allows operators to hydraulically angle the blade +25°, thus creating a four-way blade with up, down, right-angle and left-angle movement. By angling the blade, operators can push material to one side of the machine without leaving dirt trails along the blade’s sides when grading and backfilling. This also enables them to complete the job in less time by reducing the number of motions and passes.

The 70-in. blade features a replaceable and reversible bolt-on cutting edge for extended service life. Its industry-unique dual blade cylinders provide superior cylinder protection and prevent buildup of material on the blade structure, reducing cleanup and downtime.

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