Beat the Traffic earns patent

Software will help predict the average speed of traffic on any given section of road

May 18, 2010

Triangle Software LLC (doing business as Beat the Traffic) has earned a key patent for software that will help predict the average speed of traffic any given section of road. Depending on the time of day, the day of the week and the particular length of roadway, this new technology will inform drivers of what they can expect if they take that route. In this way, drivers can be more informed and can make more intelligent decisions about drive times and route planning.

Beat the Traffic's patented software will not only help people be savvier drivers, it will also help them do their own part to help the planet. As noted by Andre Gueziec, Beat the Traffic's founder and CEO, "This new patent recognizes a breakthrough innovation by Beat the Traffic. Vehicle traffic patterns may be generated using GPS data, and this information may be used to provide more efficient routes depending upon the time of day and day of week, so travelers can take smarter routes using less time and gasoline and reduce their carbon footprint."

Every minute spent idling in traffic jams is a minute spent polluting the planet unnecessarily. All you have to do is look at a backed-up freeway, and you can easily see the excessive concentration of exhaust fumes that fill the air. By consulting with software designed using Beat the Traffic's new patented traffic prediction software (U.S. patent no. 12,283,748) you can steer clear of roadways that are the most likely to be clogged with traffic on any given day.

Thanks to Beat the Traffic's latest traffic prediction software, today's drivers have easier access to more useful information than ever before. This software takes raw data and transforms it into something that is relevant and exceptionally helpful to drivers. Avoiding congested freeways and other roads means arriving on time more consistently, and keeping your vehicle moving means doing less harm to the planet.