Battery De-Mister LLC (Division of Thermoil Inc.)

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4510 W Pine St.
Appleton, WI

Thermoil Inc manufactures and sells in a 12 oz bottle a unique and patented inexpensive battery oil additive called Battery De-Mister® also sold under the name Battery De-Mister

When Battery De-Mister (Thermoil) is added to your new or existing battery it will increase battery life, reduce charge time, eliminate corrosion, greatly reduce water consumption, explosion, toxic fumes and will help to keep your battery working under any condition from -50ºF to 400ºF while providing a safer working environment and is 100% Guaranteed!

For more information on this unique and patented product including test results and testimonials, visit our web-site at


  • Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater
    The Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater (Circle 911) from Thermoil Inc., Appleton, Wis., will increase battery life, eliminate corrosion, reduce water consumption, lower explosion risks and...
  • Battery De-Mister and Battery De-Sulfater
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