AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES: Jaguar Land Rover previews development of “Smart Assistant” vehicle technology

Communicating with drivers via smartphone or other device, cars will be able to learn driver behaviors and preferences and automate accordingly

July 15, 2014

Jaguar Land Rover revealed that it is working on self-learning technology for its next generation of vehicles, which would make note of driver behaviors and preferences with the goal of automating daily driving tasks.

Dubbed Smart Assistant by JLR, the technology utilizes a learning algorithm that identifies a driver through their smartphone or other device. Once enabled, Smart Assistant will observe the individual’s calendar, the time of day and traffic and weather conditions as they drive. The more a driver uses the system, the better understanding it will gain of their driving behaviors and preferences.

The system will be able to observe driver behaviors and reactions in a variety of traffic and roadway conditions, eventually giving drivers the ability to employ adaptive cruise control for any situation.

Eventually, according to JLR, the car will be able to adjust the mirrors, steering wheel, seat and temperature settings to an individual’s liking by the time they open the car door. Smart Assistant will automatically adjust temperature settings depending on weather conditions or your schedule—if, for example, it knows the driver is coming home from the gym, it will automatically lower the temperature.

JLR did not give any timetable for when consumers could expect Smart Assistant-enabled cars to hit the roadways.