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Seattle drivers’ love for public radio was put to the test when a bizarre glitch caused the radio in local Mazdas to get stuck on an NPR station. In January, Mazda drivers listening to the Seattle NPR news station 94.9 KUOW-FM found that their infotainment system started to malfunction. For some,…
April 05, 2022
The I-59/I-20 Corridor, the largest project in the history of Birmingham, Alabama
Photo Credit: Alabama DOT
Along with being one of the most sizable and significant banking centers in the nation, Alabama’s largest city is also a primary hub for rail development and freight movement, medical care, and the insurance industry. Unfortunately, the city’s Central Business District (CBD) has been unable to keep…
June 07, 2019
I have written in recent years on the growing trend within federal courts to hold payment bond sureties liable to subcontractors for payment even though the owner has not paid the prime contractor and the subcontract contains an enforceable Pay-if-Paid clause. The rationale employed by courts…
January 02, 2019