Arcapita Inc. acquires Tensar Corp.

News The Tensar Corp. November 11, 2005
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The Tensar Corp., consisting of Tensar Earth Technologies, Tensar Polytechnologies, Geopier Foundation Co. and North American Green, were recently acquired by the global investment group Arcapita Inc.
“Arcapita has a long history of investing world-class companies to foster their growth and expansion,” said Philip Egan, president and CEO of Tensar. “We’re delighted to join the firm as we launch the next stage of our development.”

“Tensar’s patent-protected products and services provide a unique and substantial value proposition for its customers by reducing project costs, shortening development time and increasing structural performance and reliability,” added Stockton Croft, Arcapita Director in the firm’s Atlanta office.

The company and its subsidiaries will continue to adhere to their core businesses. Tensar Earth Technologies manufacturers, markets and provides related engineering services for its Tensar Geogrid-based systems used in various site development applications including roadways, retaining walls and coastal protection systems. Tensar Polytechnologies manufactures and sells lightweight grid, mesh and net products. Geopier Foundation Co. provides its Rammed Aggregate Pier foundation support systems for new building structures. North American Green manufactures and markets a range of vegetated erosion-control products.

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