April 2017

Law April 2017

A case in Michigan clarifies why agencies must adhere to guidelines for bid security forfeiture

Paving April 2017

DOTs pool resources to meet preservation aim

P.J. Keating finished paving the project in Worcester in October 2016.

Reclaiming / Recycling April 2017

MassDOT pushes districts to become more environmentally friendly with asphalt

Vegetation Management April 2017

Wetland creation could lead to the spread of disease

Bridges April 2017

Cable dehumidification makes a push in the U.S. 

A double strip configuration was tested at the MnROAD facility in Albertville, Minn.

Traffic Safety April 2017

Minnesota digs deeper into rumble strip design

Roads Report April 2017

Explosions, chases, broken hearts—must be that time of year again

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