Up and over

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The Z-135/70 articulating boom from Genie Industries

The Z-135/70 articulating boom from Genie Industries, Redmond, Wash., offers the largest working envelope in the articulating boom market, with 141-ft maximum working height, 60 ft 9 in. of horizontal outreach and up-and-over clearance of 75 ft 6 in. The Z-135/70’s (Circle 909) X-Chassis axle configuration has revolutionized the mechanism for extending and retracting axles. Each axle pivots from vertical mounting pins, providing easy and reliable machine set-up.

Genie also offers the Jib-eXtend jib, which extends the platform from a stowed length of 12 ft to a fully extended length of 20 ft. This new design provides access to “up, over and in” applications inaccessible by a traditional jib.

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