Allen Engineering Corporation

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P.O. Box 819
819 South 5th Street
Paragould, Arkansas

Allen Engineering Corporation manufactures a full line of concrete equipment for both the flooring and paving industry including: Riding Trowels, Walk-behind Trowels, Vibratory Screeds, Curing Compound Sprayers, Concrete Vibrators, Concrete Saws, Material Spreaders, Slipform Pavers, Form Riding Pavers, Texture Cure Machines, Bridge Deck Finishers, Triple Roller Tube Pavers, Roller Screeds and Work Bridges.


  • The Allen MSP 455 is a totally new power-steering, mechanical-drive riding trowel in the Allen riding trowel line-up. The powerful gas engine, super heavy-duty gearboxes and spiders combined with a...
  • Pervious concrete use has become the most economical and environmentally friendly alternative to building retention ponds to control storm-water runoff. The Allen roller tube finisher (Circle 910)...
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