Vibratory Rollers

Top Road No. 3 2017
Article October 05, 2017
Situated only 15 miles outside the famous Las Vegas strip, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is comprised of 198,000 acres of protected, nationally significant geological and ecological resources.   Stretching through the conservation area is a 13-mile-long one-way picturesque roadway...
Article April 16, 2003
Within the last couple of years, a number of high frequency vibratory rollers have hit the road building market. The trend is growing so rapidly that frequency has become the one specification in which potential buyers seem most interested. Why? The reason for their increased interest is quite...
Article January 21, 2003
Northstar Asphalt Inc. had a suggestion, but didn't quite have the experience to make it. Nobody in the state of Ohio did. When the Ohio Department of Transportation worked out designs for the expansion of a 2.3-mile stretch of I-77, it originally wanted a 131/4-in. asphalt pavement over an asphalt...
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