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Welcome to the Transportation Management Channel, a special section that provides the user an in-depth look at the multiple aspects of traffic management — straight from sources of Roads & Bridges magazine and our Transportation Management & Engineering supplement.  Topics covered include intelligent transportation systems, traffic signals, traffic monitoring, intersection safety, traffic design software, electronic tolling and congestion pricing.

V2V systems Ford
News October 17, 2018
Ford believes future connected cars could coordinate their movements in order to pass through intersections without stopping.   The company is testing the idea in the U.K., and believes it could save time and reduce crashes. Ford’s experimental “Intersection Priority Management” system is currently...
NHTSA headlights
News October 16, 2018
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) last week said it was moving to allow advanced headlights known as “adaptive driving beams” to be used in vehicles on U.S. roads that could help prevent nighttime crashes.   The agency said it was acting in response to a petition filed...
KU research grant

Researchers hope the one-year, $100,000 project might result in the establishment of an Engineering Research Center at KU to advance basic science that will underpin next-generation transport technology. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

News October 16, 2018
Headquartered at the University of Kansas (KU) School of Engineering, a research team is envisioning what U.S. roads, highways, bridges and supporting infrastructure could look like in coming decades—a time when autonomous vehicles, more traffic and harsher weather driven by climate change could...
JTA bus simulator
Article October 16, 2018
With the understanding that many transit professionals throughout the nation experience similar safety challenges, the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) funded TCRP Synthesis 126, with the purpose of documenting and sharing successful practices and...
high-speed rail
News October 12, 2018
High-level transportation officials from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia governments are in the process of discussing what a so-called ultra-high-speed rail line connecting the cities of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver would look like.   The rail discussion is in its infancy, but the...
road flooding
News October 12, 2018
Hurricane Michael has moved through the state of Georgia, leaving damage to homes and businesses, downed trees and power lines, blocked roads and traffic signal outages across the state.   In accordance with Gov. Nathan Deal’s seven-day state of emergency declaration, which was expanded Wednesday...
public transportation
News October 11, 2018
Almost nine in 10 Americans, 86%, believe government should help fund public transportation, according to the findings of a new HNTB Corp. America THINKS national public opinion survey.   While this belief is held most strongly among Americans living in urban areas (92%), 85% of suburban...
smart cities work
News October 09, 2018
The Greater Phoenix Smart Region Initiative, a new public-private nonprofit partnership created to grow smart city projects, is taking hold in the Phoenix metro region.   The coalition includes the Arizona State University (ASU) Center for Smart Cities and Regions (CSCR), the Arizona Institute for...
Brian W. Budzynski
Article October 05, 2018
It has been several years since I was a regular on public transportation. Though I have for more than a decade now been rooted in the Cheeveresque suburbs, for a period of several years prior to this I lived in a filing cabinet apartment complex designed for singles on Chicago’s North Side, and...
Mobileye collision-avoidance system

The Mobileye collision-avoidance system was found to be 96% accurate for alerts warning of potential collisions. Photos courtesy of Mobileye.

Article October 05, 2018
Imagine that you are a bus driver in today’s urban environment. You are surrounded by rushed and distracted drivers and pedestrians, cyclists riding in your blind spots, delivery trucks stopping suddenly in front of you, and challenging weather resulting in treacherous road conditions. At the same...
Detroit smart intersections

Photos courtesy of Miovision

Article October 05, 2018
Everyone knows about the hard times that hit Detroit a few years ago. The auto industry was struggling. The local economy collapsed. The housing market imploded, and homes were selling for a couple thousand dollars at auction. Crime was out of control because there were not enough police to keep...
Mobility-as-a-Service for small urban and rural communities

Photo: / Evening_Tao

Article October 05, 2018
According to the MaaS Alliance, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) puts customers at the center of transport services, offering them tailor-made mobility solutions based on their individual needs. MaaS integrates and sells mobility services in real-time information primarily by app. Currently, there are...
Arada OBU

A TTI vehicle was outfitted with an Arada OBU (above) and a Samsung tablet display (below). Photos courtesy of TTI.

Article October 05, 2018
  Connected vehicle (CV) applications present new solutions to many traffic engineering problems; however, real-world testing of some of these applications is not safe and cost-effective. CV applications thus use traffic simulation software for evaluation and testing. Even though simulation models...
Rails next to trails
Article October 05, 2018
There are approximately 212,000 at-grade railroad crossings in the U.S., usually consisting of one or more railroad tracks crossing a public highway. In some cases, and increasingly commonly, there is an additional presence of a multi-use path or trail, which adds a new level of complexity to...
U.S. 23 Flex Route project Michigan
Article October 05, 2018
In 2017, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) opened its first Flex Route along U.S. 23 in Washtenaw and Livingston counties. For years, the problems of peak-hour directional traffic, incident management, and corridor operations and safety eluded the department. All short-term solutions...
Brian Scott
Article October 05, 2018
Intersections offer a challenge to traffic safety professionals across the country because a third of all fatal crashes occur at intersections. This is primarily caused by right-angle crashes that result from a driver failing to recognize the hazard of oncoming traffic or misjudging the distance or...
Autonomous vehicle guidance
News October 05, 2018
The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) yesterday released new federal guidance for automated vehicles, advancing its commitment to supporting the safe integration of automation into the broad multimodal surface transportation system.    ‘Preparing for the Future of Transportation:...
Illinois DOT may add EV charging to I-294
News October 04, 2018
The Illinois Tollway has begun to examine the addition of embedded equipment on the I-294 corridor that would enable electric vehicles (EVs) to charge on route. At present the interstate is undergoing a $4 billion reconstruction, which includes the widening of a 22-mile stretch of the roadway.  ...
Contra Costa Transportation Authority breaks ground on I-680 express lane
News October 04, 2018
The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 4 announced the start of construction on a new southbound Express Lane on I-680 that will stretch 11 miles from south of Marina...
The survey, released by the National Safety Council, points to extremely high levels of exhaustion and multiple safety risks
News October 03, 2018
According to a new survey by the National Safety Council (NSC), 97% of trucking, rail, air and other transportation-related company employers are worried about employee fatigue.   The NSC report, Fatigue in Safety-Critical Industries: Impact, Risks and Recommendations, summarizes the results of two...
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