I-65 in Clark County, Ind.
Article March 04, 2019
More often than not on a paving job, it’s not the paving itself that proves to be the most challenging aspect—it’s handling the traffic.   Live traffic in close proximity to an active work zone presents numerous challenges and dangers, not least of which is worker safety. But the placement of a...
I-10 Riverside County, Calif.
Article March 04, 2019
When working on one of the largest pavement rehabilitation projects in the history of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) on one of the busiest interstate highways in the U.S., any contractor is going to have their work cut out for them.   Such was the task that Granite...
NCAT test track
Article March 04, 2019
Located on a 309-acre site, the 1.7-mile NCAT Pavement Test Track is a world-renowned accelerated pavement testing facility that combines full-scale pavement construction with live, heavy truck trafficking for rapid testing and analysis of asphalt pavements.   Since its original construction in...
Figure 1
Article November 29, 2018
In recent years, paving has witnessed an increased focus on preservation treatments, ranging from crack seals to chip seals to thin-lift overlays, and others. A number of these treatments are often collectively referred to simply as seal treatments. As the term implies, a principle objective of...
Crews continue to remove debris after Rte. 30 collapse in East Pittsburgh
News April 09, 2018
Following the collapse of a section of Rte. 30 in East Pittsburgh, crews are continuing to remove debris caused by the ensuing landslide and aiding residents of local homes and apartment complexes displaced by the event.   The road buckled and fell more than 30 ft down a deep embankment over...
pavement repair
Case Studies February 02, 2018
Pa. Rte. 66 is a 139-mile southwesterly-northeasterly route in the northwest area of the state. In April 2003, Jones Township (Pa.) Highway Superintendent Jeff Roberts was deciding how to conduct a repair on this critical route. The affected area was continually failing and needed constant repairs...
I-10 California

Image: Garret Larson

Article December 27, 2017
In 1947, when Interstate 10 (I-10) was built as a four-lane highway from Ontario to San Bernardino, Calif., it passed through a landscape of ranches, orchards, and open fields fringed with trees. Originally this section of roadway was assigned as U.S. 70-99, and in 1957 it was reassigned to become...
Rte. 79/I-195 Interchange Reconstruction

The existing interchange was comprised of 11 separate structures totaling 111 spans, 10 of which were classified as structurally deficient with 94% of the steel rated deficient and requiring costly emergency repairs.

Article December 04, 2017
When final design and construction launched in 2013 on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s (MassDOT) Rte. 79/I-195 Interchange Reconstruction and Braga Bridge Improvements project in downtown Fall River, safety, accessibility, traffic management and community enhancement served as the...
Top Road No. 3 2017
Article October 05, 2017
Situated only 15 miles outside the famous Las Vegas strip, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is comprised of 198,000 acres of protected, nationally significant geological and ecological resources.   Stretching through the conservation area is a 13-mile-long one-way picturesque roadway...
News September 13, 2017
Curvy roadways in south Pierce County, Wash., were resurfaced with a special, “high-friction” material to help prevent motorists from sliding on wet pavement.   Five roads were selected for the project based on curve alignments, speed of traffic and rate of fatal or serious-injury crashes,...
Figure 1

Figure 1. The study area in coastal N.H. showing the locations of the five pavement evaluation sites, the magnitude of groundwater rise, the areal extent of the groundwater-rise zone (GWRZ), and the extent of surface-water inundation with 6.6 ft of sea-level rise.

Article September 07, 2017
The rate of sea-level rise caused by climate change is predicted to accelerate as warming ocean waters expand and water is added from melting land ice.   The rising sea level makes maintaining road infrastructure near the water increasingly challenging. Street flooding in many coastal communities...
Colorado project embraces new approach
Article July 05, 2017
Unforeseen subgrade conditions, work-hour and construction-zone restrictions, heavy truck traffic and working in part of a floodplain—all these issues were encountered during the reconstruction of 30 miles of U.S. Rte. 85 (Ault to Wyoming) in northern Colorado.   Each of the issues had the...
A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) pilot paving program is testing a 3-in. lift of recycled asphalt paving (RAP) on two sections of roadway in Armstrong County.

Image source: Equipment World's Better Roads

News June 16, 2017
A Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) pilot paving program is testing a 3-in. lift of recycled asphalt paving (RAP) on two sections of roadway in Armstrong County.   The program is being conducted through PennDOT’s Road Maintenance and Preservation (Road MaP) initiative, which Gov....
Crews repave Texas Motor Speedway the right way
Article June 06, 2017
Having a ticket for some dry cleanings can lead to a lot of watching and waiting. Nobody would blame anyone if they walked out.   Many paying spectators were exiting early during races at the Texas Motor Speedway due to wet conditions. No matter how hard crews worked to dry the track, it usually...
Exits close on Indiana Toll Road for repaving project
News April 06, 2017
As part of the 80/90 Pavement Upgrade for a Superior Highway (PUSH) project, the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company LLC (ITRCC), the operator of the Indiana Toll Road, announced that the Elkhart Exit (92) closed yesterday April 5, at 9:00 a.m. Exit 92 is scheduled to be closed for three weeks....
DOTs pool resources to meet preservation aim
Article April 03, 2017
The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is leading the effort to develop the world’s largest concrete pavement preservation experiment.   This experiment, based upon the Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) project on concrete pavements termed SPS-2, will extend the performance data...
Personal illumination keeps workers visible to motorists at night.

Personal illumination keeps workers visible to motorists at night.

Article January 03, 2017
As the largest hot-mix asphalt producer and asphalt paving contractor in the U.S., Oldcastle Materials Inc. has about one-third of its workforce out in the field dedicated to roadway projects.   As a result, many Oldcastle employees are exposed to higher risks related to work-zone safety. Oldcastle...
Moisture absorption of nearby trees along with shrinking soil is causing major damage to highways in the state
News November 29, 2016
The drought in Mississippi this year is not only affecting recreational activities such as bonfires and camping, but is also affecting the state’s highways, according to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).   “Our roads have suffered the effects of extreme loss of rainfall...
rehabilitation of I-77
News June 21, 2016
Work on the $88 million Interstate 77 widening and rehabilitation project in north Richland County was set to start yesterday, according to the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).   The two-year project, covering a seven-mile stretch of I-77 between the I-20 and Percival Road...
AHP risers boast precise custom sizes to match finished pavement grade
Case Studies June 01, 2016
Gray & Son, Inc. is a family-owned contracting firm in Maryland with roots going back to 1908. They are currently one of the biggest paving contractors serving Baltimore and the surrounding counties, and have a reputation for introducing state-of-the-art solutions that cost-effectively keep the...
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