No. 10 - Beach Road over Lagoon Pond Bridge Replacement

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Beach Road over Lagoon Pond Bridge Replacement

The Lagoon Pond drawbridge carries the two-lane Beach Road, a critical part of the road network on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Deemed structurally deficient, the wood pilings sat on an unstable layer of peat and could not be reinforced any further. Two phases of the bridge replacement included construction of a pre-engineered temporary bridge and demolition of the existing bridge followed by the construction of the permanent bridge. Access to the project site was restricted to ferry boats or barges. Additionally, the team had to overcome complications due to the close proximity of the construction site to the temporary bridge.


Location: Oak Bluffs/Tisbury, Mass.

Cost: $41 million

Length: 350 ft

Designer: Parsons

Contractor: The Middlesex Corp.

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation


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