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Editorial/Commentary News December 05, 2018
Roads & Bridges talks with Max Kuney, president of Max J. Kuney Co., for his take on business conditions in 2018 and 2019. Also, Alaska recovers from earthquake, Trump's steel tariffs spike cost of public works projects, and more. To hear the latest podcast, click here. 
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article December 03, 2018
I would love to lip-sync to Peter DeFazio.   No, he’s not the lead singer of a drunken bar band that ventured out on his own. Most, if not all, in this industry know him by name . . . well, at least his last name. I believe the brains of Rep. DeFazio (D-Ore.) and myself are dialed in. We are direct...
State of the Industry Survey
Highway Construction Article December 03, 2018
Rising steel prices are indeed on the minds of road and bridge contractors, but they are not smothering craniums giving them endless noogies like a nasty big brother. Playing that role would be the never-ending skilled labor crisis, which is now starting to ignore the screams of the builder.   Of...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article November 02, 2018
Payments for body parts.   Customary for the mafia, but it is something that should be immediately dismissed when the hit list involves those making a living inside a work zone.   In October, lawmakers in Pennsylvania worked up a bill that would ticket those driving 11 mph or more in active work...
Road and bridge construction podcast

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Editorial/Commentary News October 25, 2018
We took a tour of the Jones Branch Connector over I-495 project in Fairfax, Va. Listen in on what is going on. To hear our latest podcast, click here. 
Road and bridge construction podcast

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Editorial/Commentary News October 18, 2018
We talk to Brian Deery of the Associated General Contractors of America on current issues facing contractors. Also, the latest news in the road and bridge industry. To listen to our latest podcast, click here. 
Road and bridge construction podcast

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Editorial/Commentary News October 10, 2018
We talk to Seth Condell, lead designer with Parsons Transportation Group, about the Goethals Bridge Replacement Project, which is No. 5 on our 2018 Top 10 Bridges list. Also, Alabama tries to deal with Hurricane Michael, Pennsylvania drivers might be getting work-zone speeding tickets in the mail,...
Brian W. Budzynski
Editorial/Commentary Article October 05, 2018
It has been several years since I was a regular on public transportation. Though I have for more than a decade now been rooted in the Cheeveresque suburbs, for a period of several years prior to this I lived in a filing cabinet apartment complex designed for singles on Chicago’s North Side, and...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article October 04, 2018
Heading straight toward the new millennium, I found out I had a crazy uncle. It was then when I should have wired him for a lie-detector test.   The fear as the clocks, calendars, software, etc., clicked over to “00” was everything in the electronic/digital family would not know what to do, which...
Road and bridge construction podcast

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Editorial/Commentary News September 20, 2018
We talk to Archer-Western on the challenges of the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes project, which is No. 1 on the 2018 Top 10 Roads list. Also, the Carolinas deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, the Arizona DOT sells a parcel to help pay for the I-10 project, and more. To listen to the...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article September 04, 2018
There was a thud quickly followed by an obscenity, and I am not sure which was more alarming.   My 9-year-old daughter was getting ready for school on the second day of the year. She is my living sweet and sour patch kid. Or maybe it is sour and sweet? It depends on the minute. Ainsley will go from...
Brian Budzynski
Editorial/Commentary Article August 07, 2018
I recently drove from my home in the western suburbs of Chicago up to northern Wisconsin on a family matter, and I pretty much had two options for getting there in a reasonable amount of time—both of them, if you took your information from Google maps alone, pretty bad.   One alternative had me...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article August 02, 2018
About twice a year my school would have one of those headliner confrontations.   Two kids would be so obsessed with knocking each other into a bloody mess they would hold the event across the street from the school by the baseball fields. I only went to one of these not-so-prized fights as a...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article July 05, 2018
My daughter should be in commercials, but my youngest appears to be fit for a public service announcement.   In no way am I selling my Declan short, and many people have told us Ainsley is beautiful enough to be a child model (look at my mug and you will know the gene is not encapsulated in my body...
Michael Sweeney, HNTB
Associations Article July 02, 2018
With continued partisan gridlock in the U.S. Congress, it has been difficult for meaningful federal transportation initiatives to roll forward–and progress is likely to remain stalled until 2019 or later. President Trump admitted as much in a late-March speech when he predicted, “You’ll probably...
Bill Wilson
Editorial/Commentary Article June 05, 2018
Do not come up with another word for “Gilloolyed.”   It’s just not fair, and is totally inappropriate. To fill everyone in, back in 1994 U.S. women’s figure skater Tonya Harding’s then-manager and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly set the world on fire when his hit men took a retractable baton to gold medal...
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Editorial/Commentary Article June 04, 2018
  Statistics developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that driver behavior is responsible for 94% of all crashes. The agency and its state counterparts support a variety of programs targeted at changing and improving driver behavior. Areas of focus include...
ATSSA fly-in

A few ATSSA members, including (from left to right) Cindy Williams, secretary of the Arkansas Chapter of ATSSA and president of Time Striping Inc.; Cody Garner, recipient of The Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program and University of Arkansas student; and Sarah Stillman, president of Creative Design Concepts LLC, met with Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark., pictured far right) during ATSSA’s Fly-In on April 11.

Editorial/Commentary Article June 01, 2018
In April of this year, members of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) gathered in Washington, D.C., for their annual Legislative Briefing & Fly-in. The purpose of this event is for members to discuss the association’s position on transportation policies and to equip members...
Road and bridge construction podcast
Editorial/Commentary News May 30, 2018
Union workers may walk off the job in Michigan, Illinois' governor announces a new infrastructure plan, my take on the NTSB's preliminary report on the FIU bridge collapse, and more. To listen to the podcast, click here. 
Shailen Bhatt
Editorial/Commentary Article May 02, 2018
Ah, the great American dream.   The interstate highway system was built during the post-World War II boom, and with it came the freedom to drive almost anywhere. Grandparents in Florida drove to see grandchildren in California. Families in Chicago and Philadelphia moved to far-flung suburbs.   But...
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