Chattanooga I-75 concrete railing collapse over I-24

Image: Tennessee DOT via Twitter

Bridges News April 02, 2019
Crews are continuing to work on emergency repairs today after a large chunk of concrete railing fell off an I-75 North bridge onto the I-24 westbound ramp below in Chattanooga, Tenn., late Monday morning, injuring one person.   A section of I-75 was closed down to traffic after the collapse, near...
Mississippi DOT emergency bridge closures

Image: Mississippi DOT

Bridges News March 27, 2019
Under the authority of Gov. Phil Bryant’s April 2018 emergency bridge closure proclamation, the Mississippi DOT (MDOT) today was directed to begin immediately closing at least 34 local bridges.   “If these bridges remain open, it will not only present a safety hazard to the traveling public but...
Alaska quake damage
Asphalt Paving Article March 04, 2019
At 8:29 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, the earth started rocking and shaking in Anchorage, Alaska.   At the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) headquarters, ceiling tiles fell on desks, shelves and their contents spilled onto the floor, and families anxiously...
Northbound Lake Shore Drive bridge structural cracking emergency

Image: @RoseanneTellez on Twitter

Bridge Rescue News February 12, 2019
Transportation officials in the city of Chicago have shut down the northbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive at the bridge over the Chicago River due to what is being referred to as a structural emergency.   Crews first spotted cracks in the support beams of the structure around 10 a.m. Monday beneath...
highway, transit projects, federal government shutdown
Highway Construction News January 09, 2019
Transportation construction work across the nation has been put on hold by the federal government shutdown, with state transportation officials withholding approvals for 2019 projects until federal funding is guaranteed, according to a report from The Washington Post.   The amount of federal...
Alaska hit with sizable earthquake; DOT making assessments
DOT in Crisis News November 30, 2018
A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck Alaska today, Nov. 30, centered about 7 miles north of Anchorage, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.   The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ALDOT&PF) immediately deployed crews to inspect roads and bridges following the quake,...
Michael Sweeney, HNTB
Associations Article July 02, 2018
With continued partisan gridlock in the U.S. Congress, it has been difficult for meaningful federal transportation initiatives to roll forward–and progress is likely to remain stalled until 2019 or later. President Trump admitted as much in a late-March speech when he predicted, “You’ll probably...
Rhode Island gets $20 million grant to fix bridges along Rte. 37
Bridges News March 07, 2018
According to a statement released by the office of Senator Jack Reed (D.), the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) will receive a $20 million grant to help pay for the repair and replacement of bridges along Rte. 37.   The total cost of the repair and replacement project to improve...
Big French Creek
Road Construction Article February 26, 2018
When visitors drive by the portion of S.R. 299 in California known as Big French Creek, they may notice the rock-fall protection fence or perhaps other improvements; but they most likely have no idea what local residents, the traveling public and the California Department of Transportation (...
Arkansas road project letting halts due to miswording
Road Construction News November 10, 2017
The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) has put a halt on contract letting for its 30 Crossing project due to a complication in the verbiage describing the purpose and aim of the project, one that AKDOT says will preclude federal funding of projects in the region.   According to the...
traffic management
Bridges News July 03, 2017
Three states are going into varying levels of remission this holiday weekend, as disputes between Republican governors and Democratic-led state legislatures have forced the state governments of Maine and New Jersey into partial shut-downs and a long-standing budgetary impasse in Illinois is closing...
State DOTs to lose some contract authority says FHWA
Road Construction News July 03, 2017
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) informed state departments of transportation how much each is losing as of June 30 in certain categories of highway program contract authority, as Congress required in the fiscal 2017 government funding bill that it sent to President Trump on May 4.   The...
Governor Scott Walker

Image source: Associated Press

DOT in Crisis News April 07, 2017
Trouble is brewing in Wisconsin, as GOP lawmakers removed a slew of provisions from the budget proposed by Governor Scott Walker—also a Republican—including the entire transportation planning portion.   The co-chairs of the Legislature's budget committee, Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and...
Atlanta I-85 bridge collapse

Image source: David Goldman/AP

Bridges News March 31, 2017
Gov. Nathan Deal (R) has declared a state of emergency for Fulton County, Ga., after a huge fire caused a bridge on I-85 to collapse in Atlanta on Thursday night.   With the heavily used road closed in both directions, Georgia transportation officials are telling drivers to find other options—from...
Colorado DOT

Photo source: Flickr/Phillip Capper

Asphalt Maintenance News December 02, 2016
The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has identified $9 billion worth of unfunded priority project, including the widening of I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock, but is faced with a $1.41 billion budget for 2017, a budget which is at present over-burdened with maintenance requests.  ...
road flooded sign
Road Construction News September 26, 2016
Nearly a year after unprecedented flooding struck South Carolina last October, the state still has 22 roads closed because dams failed in their areas and another seven closed because bridges on them need to be replaced.   That was the assessment in the Sept. 15 monthly recovery report from the...
road flooded sign
Storm Water News August 22, 2016
Heavy rains and historic flooding of swollen rivers and creeks closed hundreds of roads in southern Louisiana over the past week—including sections of interstate highways—leading to on-road rescues and many drivers abandoning their vehicles.   Several days after the floods began, a reported 30,000...
traffic management
Construction Planning News August 04, 2016
The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT), in response to state lawmakers’ scuttling of a controversial gas tax proposal, has ceased work and planning on dozens of highway development and improvement projects.   According to State Highways Division Deputy Director Ed Sniffen, the state lacks...
road work sign
DOT in Crisis News July 11, 2016
A new analysis finds that a week-long shutdown of New Jersey transportation improvement projects that began July 8 will cost the transportation construction industry and New Jersey taxpayers at least $41 million and displace as many as 1,700 construction workers.    As the shutdown continues, the...
road work sign
Construction Planning News July 05, 2016
Late Thursday night, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency and ordered New Jersey officials to plan for a shutdown of state road projects amid a stalemate over transportation funding.   The governor directed the state transportation commissioner and the executive director of New...
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