ITS: Colorado DOT completes fiber-optic installation on U.S. 160 east of Wolf Creek Pass

The five-month project will optimize digital controls in the Wolf Creek Tunnel

Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS News September 20, 2017
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Road crews recently completed the installation of fiber-optic cable on US 160 in Colorado.

Crews have completed a five-month project on U.S. 160 / Wolf Creek Pass on which 95,000 ft of fiber-optic cable was installed.


Other work on this $4.5 million project included: installing 54 manholes; milling and repaving; striping; and seeding along the 16-mile stretch of the U.S. 160 mountain corridor, near and within the community of South Fork.


Crews also completed work on electrical signs in Monte Vista, Alamosa and La Veta Pass.


The fiber optic-installation project will optimize digital controls within the Wolf Creek Tunnel. Meanwhile, Colorado communities will experience a positive impact from the continued expansion of high-speed telecommunications to all areas of the state.




Story and photo source: Colorado DOT

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