Extending Infrastructure Durability with Ultra-Weatherable FEVE Technology

Bridges Webinars April 16, 2014
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Archived Webinar:

April 16, 2014



Professional Development Hours: 1.0 


Webinar Overview:

The protection of the transportation infrastructure in the United States has become a popular talking point in both public and private circles.  Our national treasure of abundant roads and bridges is in dire need of attention due to their aging and neglect. The protection of steel and concrete bridges by high performance coating systems holds the key to extending their lifetime and safety. FEVE resin technology is used in these coating systems as a highly weatherable binder component for the topcoat finish.  It has been commercially available for 32 years and it can be used in two component urethane-type finishes for both steel and concrete structures. The FEVE resins can extend the lifetime of a coating system so as to postpone several costly recoats. This webinar will explain the FEVE resin technology and how it works. The webinar will also discuss the different types of FEVEcoating formulations and the ability of certain formulations to meet the VOC restrictions imposed by state and local governments. Examples of current structures that have FEVE-based coatings applied to them will be shown. Life cycle costs will also be presented, comparing an FEVE-based topcoat system with standard bridge coating systems and showing the saving in maintenance costs when calculating cost per square meter per year of coating system service.


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Speaker Bios:


Bob Parker has Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Alvernia University.


He has been involved in the paint industry for 36 years. He has worked mainly as a coatings formulator for several manufacturing companies in the greater Philadelphia area.


Bob began his training as a coatings formulator at Glidden Paints (now PPG) in Reading, PA. He spent a good portion of his career working for Glidden and for Finnaren and Haley Paints in Philadelphia, PA.  



In September of 2007, Bob accepted the position of Technical Development Chemist for the LUMIFLON line of fluoropolymer resins manufactured by AGC Chemicals and is currently working at the AGCCA Technical Center in Exton, PA. 


Kristen Blankenship has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Evansville.


She has spent the last 15 years in the coatings industry working for various coating, chemical, and material manufacturing companies.

She began her career as an analytical chemist at Red Spot Paint (Evansville, IN) focusing on defect analysis.  This experience allowed her to develop a unique approach to formulation with a focus on structure-property relationships.  She eventually became a UV curable coatings formulator at Red Spot and later moved up chain to Cytec Industries, Inc. (now Allnex) as a technical service chemist in the area of waterborne liquid coating resins.


In January of 2013, she accepted the position of technical service chemist for the LUMIFLON product line.  LUMIFLON is a brand of FEVE fluoropolymer resins manufactured by Asahi Glass Company.  She is currently working at the AGC Americas Technical Center in Exton, PA.

Bob Parker
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