Building Bridges: Terex Bid-Well 4800

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Terex Bid-Well 4800

For bridge builders, Terex recently unveiled a new version of the Bid-Well 4800, which paves widths in excess of 200 ft, reduces labor costs and substantially reduces the time onsite for the removal of overhang brackets, bridge fascia work and utility work on bridges. The new Terex Hydra Platforms HPBW 12.5 bridge worker features five-minute hydraulic setup and teardown at the site.
With a well-balanced design, this self-contained worker/stripper is easily towed by a ¾-ton pickup. Once onsite, the machine is hydraulically erected by a single person and is ready for use within minutes. No cranes are required for setup, only the on-board 18-hp gas engine powering the hydraulics.
The Terex Hydra Platforms HPBW 12.5 features a 12.5-ft-long x 4-ft-wide operator’s platform. Its 1,500-lb capacity is enough to hold three workers plus tools to get the job done. With a 14-ft stroke, the tower unit is hydraulically adjustable, allowing the platform to be easily positioned for fascia work, stripping overhang brackets and bridge utility work. The patented tower separation system allows operators to adjust and move the outside of the tower in toward the bridge fascia or around obstacles.

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