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Company Overview

ROADS & BRIDGES magazine, a 111-year trade publication, is published by Scranton Gillette Communications. As the leading business-to-business media brand covering the transportation construction and maintenance marketplace ROADS & BRIDGES reaches over 62,000 subscribers monthly through the print editions of the magazine and 55,000+ online subscribers receive the weekly E-Newsletter. ROADS & BRIDGES distributes content through many different mediums including print, online, live events, custom media and webinars. Delivering unique high-quality editorial content is of the utmost importance to ROADS & BRIDGES, which is reflected in the numerous awards won by our editors. 


Editorial Mission

The editorial mission of ROADS & BRIDGES magazine is to provide engineers, contractors and government officials with the latest advancements in the road and bridge industry, timely news coverage and important information on products beneficial to the jobsite or office.


Editorial Approach

ROADS & BRIDGES fulfills its editorial mission with in-depth case studies, insightful columns covering topics such as law and innovations, a news section with a direct line to Capitol Hill, a strong working relationship with the most influential associations in the industry—AASHTO, ACPA, AEM, AGC, ARRA, ARTBA, ATSSA, ESWP, IECA, NAPA—and detailed descriptions of new and improved products.





Ryan Hanson, S.V.P., Group Publisher

(847) 391-1059

[email protected]

Brian W. Budzynski, Managing Editor

(847) 391-1052

[email protected]


Brandon Williamson, Publisher, West/Midwest Territory 

(512) 739-2102

[email protected]


Tim Bruns, Associate Editor

(847) 391-1037

[email protected]



John Rogier, East Territory
(630) 240-1011


Diane Vojcanin, VP Custom Media

(847) 391-1046

[email protected]

Travis Hall, Midwest Territory
(512) 699-7003

Andreja Slapsys, Custom Media Consultant

(847) 954-7984

[email protected]

David Rairigh, Classified Sales
(602) 751-1062
d[email protected]

Raissa Rocha, Managing Editor - Custom Media     

(847) 954-7915

[email protected]




Adrienne Miller, Administrative Coordinator

(847) 391-1036

[email protected]


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